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June 23, 2021

Syska vs Wipro Smart Bulb – Full Comparison in India 2022

Syska vs Wipro Smart Bulb – Full Comparison in India 2022

Syska vs Wipro Smart Bulb comparison is very important for everyone because the price range is almost same of both, so that’s why it’s important to know which one is best.

Syska and Wipro both are the Indian Brands and have huge market cap in India, most of the times you listen Syska brand name everywhere and not Wipro.

The reason behind this is because Syska advertise on Tv and social media but Wipro never advertise but it doesn’t mean that Wipro doesn’t make good products.

Syska bend towards marketing more and Wipro works on quality product, in offline market also you will Syska products everywhere especially in the field of lights and bulbs.

Wipro has greater market cap than Syska and retailers sells Syska products more as compare to Wipro because they got more margin in Syska.

As we know (high watt = more power) and everyone wants more brightness than other that’s we are comparing Syska vs Wipro Smart bulb because both of them has same watt.

Syska vs Wipro Smart Bulb - Full Comparison in India

Syska vs Wipro Smart Bulb

So, before comparing both of them on directly on tables, first we will know about both of them separately, so it will be easy to identify on tables that which one is better smart bulb.

1. SYSKA 9W B22 Pin LED RGB, Smart Bulb | Latest Price

SYSKA 9W B22 Pin LED RGB, Smart Bulb

This smart bulb is totally amazing because the features which you get in this smart bulb will actually blow your mind.

You don’t any separate holder for this smart bulb like some smart bulb needs dedicated holder, here you can easily attach this bulb to your normal holder.

This smart bulb supports RGB lighting with 3500K and 9W of output which means now you will get brightest light for your room.

You get 16 million shades and tones to change the light and brightness of smart bulb as per your mood or any occasion.

Here, we are comparing syska vs wipro smart bulb because our motive is that you should decide the best one for yourself.

USE of this Smart Bulb

The use of this smart bulb is very easy, first you need to download the Syska smart home app. Click here and you will be redirect to that page, so it will be easier for you to download.

After download first register in the app and then Login it, then select the product from the app like in this case we are using syska smart bulb, so connect it.

It will start blinking to pair the device with your mobile and then operate easily from the mobile app, also you can use Alexa or google nest for voice control.

You can also control it by voice from mobile by google assistant easily, just say ‘hey google, turn on syska light’ or ‘hey google, change the syska light to red’ , or anything you want to do.

Key features of SYSKA 9W B22 Pin LED RGB, Smart Bulb

  1. It can be controlled by many people.
  2. Totally Voice control by Alexa, Google next or google assistant.
  3. You can easily return it in 10 days.
  4. 16 million different shades and colour.
  5. RGB lightning.


  • Fully Voice Control
  • Bright light in every colour
  • Less Power Consumption


  • little heavy weight

Full Detail Video

2. Wipro 9-Watt B22 WiFi Enabled Smart NS9001 LED Bulb | Latest Price

Wipro 9-Watt B22 WiFi Enabled Smart NS9001 LED Bulb

Syska vs Wipro Smart Bulb comparison is worth it because both of them are good at their side and have special feature.

Wipro smart bulb has some amazing features which no other brands provide you i.e White Tunable feature where you can easily control the light between warm to cool in white colour.

White tunable

It has warm white, cool white and neutral white which can adjust as per your convenience. This feature is only feed in Wipro Smart Bulb.

The another feature will blow your mind i.e Bulb Timer, here you can schedule the bulb to turn ON and turn OFF with a fix time.

You can also configure the same to turn ON automatically in the evening and turn OFF with sunrise. All you can also control by google assistant or Amazon Alexa, but first you need install Wipro Next Smart Home app.

The next feature is truly amazing which is Wi-Fi control that you can now control that bulb even if are not in that country. Yes, it’s true now can surprise anyone with presenting there.

Key features of Wipro 9-Watt B22 WiFi Enabled Smart NS9001 LED Bulb

  1. It has Wi-Fi enabled so you can control it from anywhere.
  2. No extra gateway hub required, you ca easily plug into your normal holder.
  3. Control everything by just saying it with the help of google assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  4. Warm, Cool and Neutral white Light for relaxing mind.
  5. 16 Million Shades and colours.


  • 6500K brightness temperature( very bright light )
  • White Tunable Feature
  • Bulb Timer and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Best in comparing between Syska vs Wipro smart bulb


  • Consume more electricity

Full Detail Video

Syska vs Wipro Smart Bulb

Specifications SYSKA 9W B22 Pin LED RGB, Smart Bulb Wipro 9-Watt B22 WiFi Enabled Smart NS9001 LED Bulb
Model Syska Wipro
Special feature Brightness control Warm and Nuetral Light
Weight 120 gm 90 gm
Colour Temperature 3500K 6500K
Brightness Medium Bright
Luminous Flux 806 Lumen 810 Lumen
App Syska Smart Home Wipro Next Smart Home
Wattage 9 Watts 9 Watts


So, now there should be no confusion in your mind between Syska vs Wipro smart bulb because we have researched a lot and also take some people reviews.

On that basis if your are still in confusion then our personal recommendation is that you should go with Wipro 9-Watt B22 WiFi Enabled Smart NS9001 LED Bulb because that is worth it.

There are so many smart bulb in India but these are the value for money and also affordable for everyone and that’s why it was important to compare Syska vs Wipro smart bulb.

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