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Best TP Link Router Under 1500 India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

  • Ideal Speed – 300Mbps wireless ideal for interruption sensitive applications like HD video streaming
  • Stable Wifi – Two antennas ensure the wireless stability
  • Traffic Allocation – IP based bandwidth control allows administrators to determine how much bandwidth is allotted to each PC
  • App control – TP-LINK Tether App allows quick installation and easy management using any mobile device
  • WPS Security – Easy wireless security encryption at a push of WPS button
  • Support IPV6 – Support the more recent Internet Protocol version
  • Wide Compatibility – Supported by ISP’s all over India such as ACT Fibernet, Airtel Fibernet, Hathway


Best TP Link Router Under 1500 India 2022

Best TP Link Router Under 1500 India 2022, get exceptional Wi-Fi connectivity at home. It is effortless to install and use making it ideal for instant HD video streaming and online gaming. It is tastefully designed for home and office use and for small businesses. The most unique feature of this router is the WPS button that ensures WPA2 encryptions, eliminating the network from exterior obstacles.

List of Best TP Link Router Under 1500 India 2022

What is Wi-Fi Router ?

Basically a tp link router under 1500 is a device that you would use to connect multiple computers together to a network.

Let’s say you have three or four computers at home, and you want them all to be sharing files and sharing the internet, and even printing to each other or scanning to each other.

What you need is a home network, and you do that with a router.

So, this is a tp link router under 1500. They basically all look similar to this. There are two kinds of routers out there, ones that are wireless and ones that are wired.

But the truth is, all wireless routers are also usually wired routers, because even though it has these full antennas that transmit the radio signal to your wireless devices.

It also has these four ports in the back that let you connect any kind of not wireless device that you have, like a printer or even some TV’s.

Router’s Basic

Every router basically has this little computer in it, and when you connect your computer or your wireless devices to the router, it will negotiate the connection and give this computer or device something called an “IP address,” which is kind of like its location or its number on the internet.

And all the other computers in the network, also the internet, will know how to relate to this computer based on that number. When you buy a router, you will often get it with this power adapter, so you can connect it to the wall.

You will get it with an Ethernet cable, so you can connect it to one of the computers or more importantly, the internet, like your cable modem or DSL modem.

Sometimes you will even get it with a cool little stand that you can use to place it on, and kind of display it. So, that’s the basic overview of what a router is.

Best TP Link Router Under 1500

Best TP Link Router Under 1500 India

Give Your Mobile Devices a Powerful Wi-Fi Range

By installing the TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless-N Router, you are assured to get seamless Wi-Fi connection anywhere within the range. With the two external antennas, you can get a wider range.

It portrays an excellent ability of mitigating data loss over wide distances and through concrete walls and obstacles.

Ideal to be Installed at Home and Office

This router has the capacity and speed to ensure any bandwidth intensive application works smoothly without any lag. Overall, this device is a perfect home and office router that provides great control on your internet bandwidth.

TP Link Router Under 1500

Hello everybody today we make a connection between 2 router Wi-Fi without using the LAN cable.

Here I use tp link router under 1500 First, log into TP-Link website with IP address Username is admin The password is also admin look at the connection model as above.

The internet will enter the first router and the internet signal will be transmitted through the wireless environment as above in the second router Wi-Fi.

The second router will receive and transmit Wi-Fi further to the end device ( laptop, smartphone,..).We will perform the TP-Link router setup to perform the above task Zoom in a little for easy viewing.

Step 1

Install Wi-Fi name and password The name and password of Wi-Fi must be installed first, because it is difficult to change the WDS mode later on the left menu select “Wireless” Wireless Settings.

In the “Wireless Network Name” section, enter the Wi-Fi name as you like here In this example, I name it: TP-LINK_RE Click “Save” to change the Wi-Fi name.

Step 2

Next is the Wi-Fi password select “Wireless Security” in WPA / WPA2-Personal Enter your Wi-Fi password in the “Wireless Password” section In this example, set the Wi-Fi password to: 1234abcd.

Click “Save” to save the new Wi-Fi password Next is to install WDS We return to the section: Wireless Settings select: ” Enable WDS Birding ” Click “Survey” to let TP-Link find the wireless router around it.

This is a list of tp link router under 1500 around it there are 9 wireless router.

Here I want to connect to the wireless router named NETVN click “Connect” in green at the end Connect Wi-Fi name and MAC address of the 1st wireless router, enter the Wi-Fi password of the 1st wireless router.

In this example, the Wi-Fi password of the 1st router is 123456789.

Click “Save” to save the installation results, now it will appear a notice of the results of the installation as above section Channel at number 1 2 first and second router Wi-Fi with the same Wi-Fi channel.

Here is channel 1 in 11 channels switch to “Status” WDS Status: Run Thus, the TP-Link Wi-Fi has successfully installed WDS mode.

Step 3

Now is to change the ip address for the second Wi-Fi router to avoid two router with the same address Network LAN change as above as shown above.

Click “Save” to save the changes OK TP-Link router will restart to change ip log in to the second Wi-Fi router with the new ip address

Login name and password remain the same, admin and admin Login.

Step 4

(Disable DHCP) DHCP Server: Disable in Default Gateway enter the 1st Wi-Fi router ip address here here the 1st Wi-Fi router IP is So this section fills

Click “Save” to complete step 4 OK Click “click here” in blue reboot ok Wait for the router to restart automatically login again.

Login review status is initializing ok already WDS Status: RUN wait a minute try internet access YouTube ok unplug LAN cable connecting the computer and the 2rd Wi-Fi router Test connection with Wi-Fi TP-LINK_RE successful connection Check internet connection ping

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