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Best Diwali Lights Made in India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

  • You can use this lights for various functions and party because it’s 10 meter long.
  • There are 3 copper wires which are insulated for safety and thickness of the wire is 4mm.
  • You will get USB input so you can use it anytime anywhere with a help of any charger, power bank, laptop.
  • Expect USB input everything is waterproof with IP65 rating even the lights.
  • You can touch anywhere in this light because it’s shocked proof and safe to touch.
  • The LED bulbs are big in size so they glow brightly also the life of the LED is 50000 hours which means you can use it for years and years.
  • The LED lights are warm and BIS certified so no worry of shock and fire.


Best Diwali Lights Made in India 2022

If you are searching for Best Diwali Lights made in India then you are at the right place because we are gonna show the best one.

In the days of festivals and parties the lights are the most important aspect and that’s why choosing the Best Diwali Lights made in India is also more important.

Specially at the time of Diwali people used to buy LED Lights and diyas a lot for decoration of doors, windows, room, puja mandir, etc.

There are so many cheap brands which are selling the LED lights on very cheap price but they didn’t work after some days.

Here, XERGY brands stands out from the competition because this is an Indian brand and very trustworthy.

Features of Best Diwali Lights Made in India

Best Diwali Lights Made in India


One of the best feature of this Best Diwali Lights made in India is they are IP65 rating waterproof, so you can easily use it on your windows or anywhere while rainy season also.

This is an Indian Brand XERGY which makes good quality lights which works excellent and have longer life than other cheap brands.

The LED light is 10 meters long which means you can easily decorate your house wall, window, car or anything also the USB input length is 2 meter long where other brand gives only 200 cm length.

There are total 100 LED lights in this Best Diwali Lights made in India and each and every light is big in size than other brands.

XERGY provides 1 year of replacement guaranteed because the life of this LED is so long that it has capacity of life span to 50000 hours which means it will stay longer for years and years.

Design of this Best Diwali Lights made in India

The whole LED light is made up of pure copper with 3 wires where other brands provides just 2 wires also every copper wire has insulated and plated.

You can easily bend the copper as per your theme or design to decorate and it’s durable also with the protection layers it confirms that there is no harm to touch the wires.

It’s safe to touch and no overheating is there in the LED light because it’s cool because of protected layers. Every part of the wire and light are waterproof expect the USB input.

It’s BIS certified product so don’t worry about short circuit or any kind of fire problems.

Uses of Best Diwali Lights made in India

The best use of this LED light is in Diwali to decorate the window and also to decorate the house and doors. You can also place this lights on the wall.

You can carry this Best Diwali Lights made in India to anywhere because it doesn’t any 2 or 3 pin socket, it has USB which you can connect to your Power bank, Laptop, 5V charger, etc.

The best thing about this light is it has 3 copper wires connection so you can easily bend the wired as per your design and theme or shape.

This LED are brighter than other brands light so if you have any power bank and if sometime there is no electricity at your home you can this for brightness.

You can use this to decorate your plants and flowers by winding them with this LED light as they are waterproof you can put them into the water and turn ON for showcase.

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