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Best Smart Bulb India 2021 (Wipro 9-Watt Smart LED Bulb) | Buy on Amazon

  • Control your Smart bulb from anywhere from the world by using Wipro Next Smart Home app.
  • There are 16 million shades and tones that you can change per your mood, events or parties.
  • You can control the brightness from 1% to 100% with your mobile.
  • You can set a schedule or timer to turn smart bulb ON or OFF.
  • Special feature of White tunable where you can control the white light into neutral, soft or cool temperature colour.
  • Can be controlled by voice with the help of Alexa or Google assistant.
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Best Smart Bulb India 2022 ( Wipro 9-Watt Smart LED Bulb )

Today, if you are searching for best smart bulb India for your home, then you are at the right place because here we are gonna show the best.

So, we are talking about one of the finest smart bulb which is an Indian company called Wipro and the product is Wipro 9 Watt Smart LED Bulb.

There are so many company’s which are selling the smart bulb like Xiomi, Havells, Syska and many more, but some are low price but also low quality and some are high price with also minimum qualities.

But This Wipro Smart Bulb is affordable, good quality and main things is the new features which you will never get in other smart bulb’s.

We know you haven’t hear about this Wipro company but it is a leading brand in this sector. So, let’s go and see best smart bulb India…….

Why Wipro 9 Watt Smart LED bulb is Best ?

Best Smart Bulb India


It’s made up of Polycarbonate so it hard body is unbreakable and it’s very strong. The shape of this best smart bulb India is round so light diffracted on every side of the room.

The plugin input is B22 which is common in every Indian home and it is very useful because some brands doesn’t provide B22 so in that case you need to buy a dedicated holder also but here you don’t need that.

It is light weight and consume less electricity also it has full RGB lightning so you get 16 million different shades and tones to change or modify.

Features of best smart bulb India

It’s a 9 watt B22 smart bulb which means you will get very bright light in your room also you can control the brightness of the light.

It’s has RGB lightning so you get 16 million different colour shades which you can change as per your mood, also it has dedicated mood which you can select like night, reading, party, meeting and many more.

The best about this smart bulb is you can schedule the time to turn ON and OFF, like schedule it 11:30 pm to turn OFF so everyday at 11:30 pm it will turn OFF the lights, you can also do same for turn ON.

It has a special feature which White Tunable where you can choose Warm White, neutral White or Cool White as per your mood.

You can control the brightness of every colour and light from 1% to 100% which means now you don’t need to buy a zero bulb for night light.

How to use Wipro 9 Watt Smart LED Bulb ?

It’s very easy to setup this best smart bulb India, first you just need to download the Wipro Next Smart Home from Playstore or Appstore.

After downloading the app, open and register it like usually you do and then connect it to your Wi-Fi or someone’s internet hotspot for a while.

Click on Add Device and then switch ON and OFF your bulb for 3 times and then you will see your smart bulb starts blinking.

Just wait for few minutes to connect the bulb with your app, this is the one time procedure. After successfully connected you can use it.

If you have 2-3 separate Wipro smart bulbs for your living room, bedroom and kitchen, you can named them in your device and then you can easily control it by voice also, like “hey google, turn ON the kitchen’s light and change colour into blue”, it’s just that easy.

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