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Best Helmet Under 3000 in India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

Available in 2 different sizes (Large/Medium) and 8 different colours.

  • This is Vega Off Road D/V Gangster White Red Helmet of medium size.
  • You can also buy the same helmet of different sizes, but most of the people are comfortable with medium size only.
  • Safety is the priority and that’s why the outer material of this helmet is made by Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).
  • The exact weight of the helmet is 1kg 100gm which is lite weight compare to other helmets.
  • This is the best helmet for long route as well as small travel.
  • The comfort of this helmet is supreme with no sweat and itching.
  • Front Glass is made up of very hard material with clear transparent vision.
  • You also get the inner glasses to tackle the sunlight and you can switch it from use to non use.
  • You can easily breathe in this helmet because of air ventilation, so don’t worry about your good long drive experience.


Best Helmet Under 3000 in India 2022

Most of the peoples in India wears the helmets just to show off or to avoid fines from traffic police but today we are gonna the safest, cool as well as best helmet under 3000 in India.

Helmets are most commonly used item by peoples in this world because everyone needs safety while driving a bike as we know that many people think like using helmet is not necessary for every time.

People who has some accident knows very well the use of helmets and other who didn’t experience that yet they should be aware of this that this can happen with them also if they didn’t wear the helmet.

Helmets should be tough as well as comfortable to wear for a long time because it’s our daily use product and that’s why you should invest at least 3000 for your life safety for a long time.

Our main motive to write this article is you should get best helmet under 3000 rs and that should be worth it.

List of Best Helmet Under 3000 in India

Vega Off Road D/V Gangster White Red Helmet-M

Best Helmet Under 3000 in India


Vega Off Road D/V Gangster is the best helmet under 3000 rs that you should buy because you will get tons of other helmets looking same like this in less price but they had some issues which they didn’t show to you.

Vega is the leading brand in the world in terms of motorbike helmets and no one can beat them because all the products made by them are ISI approved.

The best thing and reason behind to buy this is you can return it within 10 days if you are not comfortable with it, but in most of the cases it doesn’t happen because the comfort you are going to feel in this helmet is unbelievable.


You get an inner sun glasses attached with it which you switch down or up whenever you want. It will help you in sunlight very much, as it fixed in inner side you don’t need to slide up main screen.

This is the coolest looking best helmet under 3000 rs because of it’s amazing design on it’s back as well as top and if you doesn’t like the colour so don’t worry about that because Vega provides 8 different colours in this same model.

The best part of this best helmet under 3000 rs is the design because the triangular part of the helmet gives your mouth very much space to breathe in and out.

It has an air ventilator in front of the helmet from where air carbon dioxide comes out and fresh air enters. In short this is the finest helmet you will ever seen anywhere.

The lower part from where you wear the helmet has rubber strip so when you wear it, you will feel good experience while driving and never feel itching at your neck.

The head part of this helmet is adjustable which is a very good feature with the help of that you can adjust it from front to back like a cap.

Safety and Protection

This best helmet under 3000 rs is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) which is a very hard material and you will never a get a scratch also on your face, if you ever had an accident.

The screen of this helmet is very hard also it’s so clear that you can easily your left and right side which is not possible to see in unbranded helmet screens.

Inner part of the helmet very soft, no doubt it is a very great and soft material which ensures that you will never sweat which is the biggest problem why people doesn’t like to wear a helmet.