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Best Smart Bulb India 2021 (Wipro 9-Watt Smart LED Bulb) | Buy on Amazon

  • Control your Smart bulb from anywhere from the world by using Wipro Next Smart Home app.
  • There are 16 million shades and tones that you can change per your mood, events or parties.
  • You can control the brightness from 1% to 100% with your mobile.
  • You can set a schedule or timer to turn smart bulb ON or OFF.
  • Special feature of White tunable where you can control the white light into neutral, soft or cool temperature colour.
  • Can be controlled by voice with the help of Alexa or Google assistant.
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Best Philips Hair Dryer in India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

  • It has 3 Flexible Speed Setting
  • Thermo Protect Temperature to prevent Overheating
  • Cool Shot sets your style
  • Quieter Drying
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Best Wood Carving Chisel Set in India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

  • Package Contents: 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set (1/2 x 7 3/4, 3/4 x 7 3/4, 1 x 7 3/4).
  • Durable precision ground cutting edges.
  • Blades uniformly hardened for full length use.
  • Blades are also heat tempered and lacquer coated to prevent rust.
  • Chisel applications.
  • Package Contents: 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set (1/2 x 7 3/4, 3/4 x 7 3/4, 1 x 7 3/4).
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Best Mosquito Net Single Bed India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide | Buy on Amazon

  • Single Bed Mosquito Net | SHAPE: Oval | Target Audience: Adults | Colors: Assorted.
  • Foldable mosquito net along with a cloth carry bag.
  • These cloth carry bags are more durable than other bags in the market.
  • Light weighted net makes it convenient for users to take it along while travelling.
  • It’s easy to fold provision makes it all the more hassle free.
  • Provided with Large Zipper Gate on One Side for easy and convenient entry and exit.
  • Easily washable (corrosion resistant), Self supporting, no requirement of Nail.
  • Foldable mosquito and Net 3 Months warranty.
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Best Mosquito Net Double Bed India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

Available Colors – Red, Orange, Full Blue, Full Pink, Purple, Brown, Dot Pink

  • Size of Double bed is 200*200*145 cms (i.e. 6.56*6.56*4.75 Ft) can Easily accommodate bed for King size, Super King size bed.
  • Easily Washable (steel wires are corrosion resistant), Self-Supporting, No Requirement to nail the wall.
  • Pops up in an Instant and Automatically, Can be folded in less than 30 Seconds.
  • Storage Bag Included at free of cost.
  • Comes with patches to cover the future accidental holes in the mosquito net.
  • Provided with large Zipper gates on two Sides with inner and outer runner for easy and convenient Entry and Exit.
  • Easy to fold, Easy to carry, it offers a healthy environment to sleep in.
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Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Magic Mop in India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

  • Content: Prestige Clean home Magic Mop 7 L (Psb 10 ) with 2 Mop Heads; Material: Plastic, Color: Blue, Shade: Blue, White.
  • Net Quantity: 1 Unit ; Mop with twin bucket ,Steel rod for easy movement, Drain spout.
    360 degree stainless steel spinner, 2 microfiber heads, Solution Dispenser, Floor Usage- Marble, Wooden, Tiles, Mosaic, Granite.
  • Capacity: 5 litres; Comes with 2 mop heads; 6 months warranty on product; 360 degree stainless steel spinner.
  • Light, durable and easy to use magic mop with twin bucket is aesthetically designed and made of high grade plastic.
  • Has 2 steel rods for height adjustment and convenience with low maintenance ,high durability and is long lasting.
  • This microfiber comes with high water absorbing quality with no more dripping dirty water on the floor.
  • Convenient spout system at the bottom of the bucket to drain dirty water.
  • Mop comes with pulling handles and 2 wheels for easy transportation around the house while cleaning.
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Scotch Brite Bucket Spin Mop in India 2021 | Buy on Amazon

  • Twin Bucket Spin Mop for easy wringing and rinsing.
  • Microfiber technology helps lift and trap dirt with unique easy clean surface for superior clean.
  • Dual refill ensures usage depending on cleaning occasion and frequency and ensures that it lasts longer.
  • 360 degree telescopic handle to reach nooks and corners easily.
  • Material: Plastic, Color: Green.
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Bucket, 1-Piece Handle and 2-Piece Round Refills.
  • Detachable handles: The handles of this adjustable mop that can be attached or detached to adjust the height of the mop as per the user’s convenience.
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