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November 3, 2020

Best Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST266BFDG Review India 2022

Best Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST266BFDG Review India 2022

Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven is the most wished and demanded product of Panasonic as well as all Indian Users because the trust which Panasonic made in India is valuable.

It also have it’s other products like Air Conditioners, Smart Tv, Cameras, Refrigerators, etc but the Panasonic Microwave Ovens are the most selling product.

So, Today I’m gonna show the full detail, review and use of Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST266BFDG

Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (NN-ST266BFDG, Black, 51 Auto Menus) | Latest Price

Panasonic 20L Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST266BFDG


Important features of Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST266BFDG

  • Suitable for Bachelors & Small families
  • Power + Innovation 800 Watts of High Power for Fast, Even Cooking and Delicious Results
  • Microwave Controls 51 Preset Auto Cook Menu Items, Glass Turntable
  • Compact Design: This countertop microwave with glass turntable is compact, allowing you to devote less space to electronics and more to interior capacity
  • Control: Touch Key Pad (Membrane) is sensitive to touch and easy to clean
  • Vapor Clean: Cleaning your Microwave oven is Easy


Bake scrumptious and healthy dishes instantly in the Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven.

This 20 L microwave allows you to cook food efficiently owing to its multistage cooking mechanism and five power levels. Its child-lock feature ensures safety.

Make the most of its 51 auto-cook menus and whip up tasty dishes without any hassle. 20 Litres Capacity 5 Power Levels 51 auto cook menu Vapor Clean.

About Panasonic Ovens

Panasonic prides itself as a brand that genuinely understands quality.

Rooted in Japanese culture, Panasonic ensures excellent craftsmanship and stay uncompromised on the latest innovations, offering a premium range of products that cater to every lifestyle need.

Panasonic’s unique Japanese technology enables healthy cooking to the last detail without compromising on taste, texture or nutrients.

Backed by the promise of Experience Fresh, Panasonic Micro chef makes delicious cooking a simple pleasure and part of everyday life.

Turning your kitchen into the focal point of your home where people come together to create meaningful moments.

Make your Cooking with 51 – Auto Cook Menus

Healthy Cooking

  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Kaale Chane
  • Ghiya Raita
  • Rawa Idli
  • Sprout Salad
  • Oats Daliya


  • Tomato Soup
  • Daliya
  • Poha
  • Upma
  • Sabudana Khichdi
  • Masala Peanuts
  • Dhokla
  • Pasta
  • Corn Chaat

Main Course

  • Steamed Rice
  • Peas Pulao
  • Veg Biryani
  • Lemon Rice
  • Aloo Matar
  • Aloo Zeera
  • Paneer Bhurji
  • Bhindi Masala
  • Dal Tadka


  • Suji Halwa
  • Rice Kheer
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Brownies
  • Kalakand
  • Sweet Custard

Choose from a variety of Menu, Every time

Surprise your loved ones by preparing Chef like cuisines with the Auto Cook Menu feature.

It comes with a wide variety of Pre-Programmed recipes, preset cooking time and temperature settings that let you prepare every dish instantly.

Maximum Interior, Minimum Footprint

When it comes to the flavor and nutrients you expect in the foods you prepare, Panasonic’s, space-saving NN-ST266BFDG provides the power and precision you want for fresh, healthy meals.

The intelligent design of the Panasonic NN-ST266BFDG devotes less space to electronics and more to interior capacity. The result is a slimmer, lighter oven that occupies less space on your countertop.

Ideal for singles, and families, the Panasonic NN-ST266BFDG microwave oven delivers even cooking power and its sleek black exterior complements any décor.

Why It’s not only an Microwave but an Micro Chef ?

I will tell you why it is also called Micro Chef, just because the maximum things that you want to cook is auto-programmed in it by default.

1. Re-Heat

Your last Night’s leftovers will taste fresh even today with auto programmed time and modes, you can Reheat your meal in just a few minutes.

You can Re-heat any type of food that you only want to get like fresh and hot to eat.

2. Hassle-Free Defrosting

Sometimes you kept the food in Refrigerators and when you take it out, it’s temperature goes very low compare to room temperature.

Keeping food into Refrigerators is essential because in low temperature food stays fresh for longtime, then what is the solution ?

Here, Hassle-Free Defrosting system helps you where you can keep your cool food into the Microwave Oven and Click the button Defrosting and then it will automatically set the time as per the cooling of food.

After completing it will buzz and then you can remove the food from oven and it will be in room temperature.

3. Vapor Clean

Cleaning your Panasonic microwave oven is easy with the new Vapor Clean system.

It harnesses the cleansing power of water vapor in removing stains and grime from your microwave’s inner cavity.

All you need to do is press the Vapor Clean button. Just wipe the cavity once the Vapor Clean action has been completed.

How to ?

  1. Place a Bowl of water in the Oven (300ml).
  2. Add a Slice of Lime (Nimbu).
  3. Press Vapor Clean button and then Vapor will generate Inside it.
  4. Take a Cloth and wipe out the cavity clean after the operation is completed.

How to Use in Simple Way ?

First of all you need to know all the buttons which are given in Microwave Oven and I will tell you the Step by Step use of it.

  1. Micro Power
  2. 10 min, 1 min, 10 sec
  3. Auto (Re-Heat, Cook, Defrost) 3 Buttons
  4. Up
  5. Down
  6. Timer/Clock
  7. Stop/Cancel
  8. Start

Microwave ( Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven )

There are five power level in microwave oven as per you click them, then it will show in that display.

If you want to heat something manually then you can press this Micro power button and then set a time limit by Time button.

For example, if you want to heat something for 10 minutes 30 seconds then press 10 minute button one time and 10 second button 3 times and press start and when it’s done you can remove it.

Auto Re-Heat, Defrost, Cook Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

So, If you don’t want to do anything manually then you can use this buttons.

Re-Heat button helps you to Re-Heat Stale food like last night dinner or something else, only thing you want to do is keep your food inside the oven.

Click that Re-Heat button and it will automatically set the time and temperature as per the quality of food.

Cook button helps you to cook something that you don’t know how to cook, but for this button you need to which are the items you can put into the Microwave Oven for this feature.

Just kept the food inside it and Press That Button and it set the time and temperature Automatically and the your food will ready.

Defrost button helps you to take the temperature of food from cold to room temperature.

People store their food inside the refrigerator because if we keep our food at room temperature it will rot. If we keep our food in refrigerator then it will stay fresh for long time.

But when we take out the food from refrigerator its temperature gets very cold and we can’t it use it that time we need to keep the food in room temperature for a while.

At that time you only need to take out the food from the refrigerator and keep in the microwave oven and then Press Auto Defrost button and Press Start.

Then after Defrosting completed take out the food from oven and serve it.


At Last I will only recommend you to buy this because Panasonic makes his every products very amazing. This Microwave Oven will do your lots of work easily.

There are lots of Advantage of Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST266BFDG because of the Amazing features within it.

FAQs regarding Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven NN-ST266BFDG

1. Why to buy this Microwave Oven ?

Ans. Comparing to other Ovens in the same price, the Auto function features which are build in this Microwave stands out him from the competition.

2. What is the Power Consumption of this Microwave ?

Ans. The Power Consumption of this Microwave is 800 Watts which cooks everything very fast.

3. Advantages of this Microwave ?

Ans. Auto features, Low Price, Better Quality and Brand support.

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